A lot has happened since I last published my larger-than-usual translation comparison of the SoulsBorne series, in regards to the archaic language in those games. Namely, one of my older articles got linked by the excellent blog Mad SNK Project, whose work I have in the past mentioned in this (now updated article, primarily adding information where the before was an embarrassingly left (...), very much an artefact of proof-reading).

Their blog was very much one of the sites that also gave me the confidence go ahead and put forth this personal translation-comparison/linguistic blog project of mine.

Once more my sincere thanks for the mention and by all means check this excellent bloggers and endeavouring scholar of SNK-Madness' work, the rabbit hole in terms of bizarre and atonal localisations go well beyond Samurai Shodown's particular brand of slangy-anachronistic dudetastic diction.

Secondly, I am overwhelmed by the positive reaction that my Soulsborne article got, so rest assured that there is more where that came from.

In regards to comparison projects in the works, I am working on the next big Christmas translation comparison, so please bear with me since the research proves to be quite lengthy even if I began in November, thinking that it could make for an early December release, which it may very well see.

Similarly, a comparison as to how specific game/film pop-culture archtypes, i.e. monarchs, gods, samurai, ninja and so on speak in a dozen hundred games/films/manga or so is also in the making, but it will perhaps be published some time in the new year.

Smaller blog posts will be up between now and then, if time and circumstances permit it.

As always thanks for your patience, and look forward to my hopefully not too gibbering meanderings, which I slap together and call articles.

Stay safe everyone.