Myriad Leaves concerns matters linguistic – ranging from writing about translations of video game, comics, books, films and other media, from and to Japanese, English amongst other languages; as well as the history of language and anything else that may befall the mind of the sedulous writer whose hours are thinly spread, no literary pun intended. Copious cups of tea have been consumed in the writing of this about page, as well as the blog-entries.

The name of the blog derives from the ancient Japanese poem anthology Manyoushuu, that has the literally meaning of “A Gathering of a Myriad of Leaves,” the Japanese word for leaf also works as an older synonym for poem.

Any spellings mistakes or typographical errors are wholly my own. Same accounts for inconsistencies, mistranslations and eventual lapses be they mentally induced or by way of critical shortage of that curative elixir that is tea.