So, Tiamat's otherwise superb Street Fighter Plot Guide mentions this bit about Eagle, a tonfa wielding gentleman from Street Fighter 1 - this regards his opening bio in the arcade mode of Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper:

Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper:  Eagle, a bouncer from Great Britain who's a bojutsu expert. His desire for the title of Dalyell Baronet has set his eyes on the world. [prologue]

This does not square entirely with what is said in the original Japanese version:

英国きってのバウンザー、イーグル 華麗なる棒術の達人

Eikoku kitte no baunzaa, Iiguru karei naru boujutsu no tatsujin. Sono kokoro ni wa tsune ni, jidoku no sentoubigaku wo tsuranakitai to iu katsubou ga atta. Yori senren sareta dyueru o motomeru, shisen o sekai e to mukeru...

"Eagle, a bouncer from England, is a splendid expert of staff fighting.
Ever in his heart has he a desire to stick to his fighting aesthetics…
Pursuant of a more elegant duel, he turns his gaze upon the world…"

One thing that struck me is that "Dalyell" and "Dyueru" (duel) could simply be a translation error owing to the similarity of the two words. And there is, indeed, an actual Scottish baronecy, featuring members such as Sir Thomas Dalyell, 11th Baronet (1923 - 2017).

I don't actually believe this to be the case with Mr. Eagle, though, since he seems more like the type of chap wanting to travel the world in search of the "elegant duel", and working parttime as a bodyguard for the rich and famous.