Final Fantasy is no stranger to royalty. In fact, in most cases the main playable cast will contain a prince, princess, king and queen either secretly or quite obvious - such as in the cases of the most recent numbered Final Fantasy game.

Previous games in the series also featured royalty, albeit in a spoilerous nature and as such - even if it is an older game - a fair warning is given here.

Therefore, I have long been wondering whence the "Til" part in the name of Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, better known by her civilian nickname Dagger. In Danish royalty there is a tradition to use the word "til" (lit. "to") in the same manner as German "von" and French "de", where in the cases of Denmark, it signifies someone within the closest royal family. Dagger's real name therefore would mean "Garnet (Princess to the House of) Alexandros". The numeral implies that she is the seventeenth in her line to be called Garnet as such.

The name in the Japanese original is:

Gânetto Tiru Arekusandorosu Juunana-sei
"Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th"

ティル (tiru) also fits with how the Danish is close in pronunciation to the English word "till", albeit with a lighter "i" sound.