It's a common misconception that Street Fighter character, the amnesiac British soldier Cammy's relationship to the mysterious main villain of the series, General Vega ("Master Bison" in the West), is a creepy one.

So, Cammy approaches Vega and asks him to tell the truth about her, since she entered the tournament to get some answers, at which point the General replies:

Oshieteyarou. Omae wa sannen mae, waga soshiki ga okurikonda supai da.
"I shall tell you. Three years ago, my organisation sent you as a spy."

She then steps back in sheer horror over this revelation, whereas in the English localisation it goes like this:

"I had feeling for you! I did not try to kill you! You had an unfortunate accident and lost your memory! Don't you remember? We were in love!"

Which grossly mistranslates the original line and turns this ending into something truly grotesque.

I am honestly not sure why this happened, and why the localisation would warp the Japanese ending in this.

In the subsequent games in the series, she would be revealed to be the genetic clone of Vega and hence serve as a member of his personal army of soldiers to one day become his next host body.