This being the first of April and an international day of pulling the proverbial appendage, I thought that we, however, ought for a moment pause for elegiacal thought for the fate of a fictional Yes-man of Japanese comic history, Piano of Dragon Ball, of Piccolo's royal escort.

He, whose fate and life was cruelly ended at the hands of his collapsing demonic liege-lord's body thrust towards him by a juvenile cosmic simian bent on stopping said lord's political ambitions.

Akira Toriyama dedicated a total of 26 lines of dialogue, mostly divided in two categories - as befitting the role of a fictional Yes-man of a demonic monarch - 1) praising/worrying about His Majesty and 2) correcting impertinent louts about questioning His Majesty's prowess.

His first lines are those of filial piety, voice towards his gastropodian Father-King, concerning the health in oviparously conceiving with industrious fecundity several new members to the growing royal escort:

いけません!! 大魔王さま
これいじょうタマゴをお生みになって体力を つかわれるとますます老化が 進み 世界を手中におさめるまえに死んでしまいますぞ!

Ikemasen!! Daimaousama
Kore ijou tamago o o'umininatte tairyoku o tsukawareru to masu masu rouka ga susumi sekai o shuchuu ni osamerumae ni shinde shimaimasu zo!

"You musn't, Lord Demon King.
If Your Majesty uses any more of His physical strength on graciously birthing eggs, then He shall prematurely die of advanced old age before realising His conquest of the world!"

Here he in perfect courteous manner uses the o-ni-naru pattern of transforming umareru ("to give birth") into the reverential construction o-umi-ni-naru ("the honourable personage conceives"). A most decorous utterance of worry for the ageing verdant liege-lord.

Alas, when the diminutive Pilaf, a hired goon, and his associate question the combat prowess and likelihood of the Great Demon King Piccolo's victory over a juvenile simian fighter, he voices these words:

ふっ 大魔王さまがあのていどでやられるとおもうのか?

Fuh daimaou-sama ga ano teido de yarareru to omou no ka?

"Hmph, you lot think that the Lord Demon King would suffer defeat so easily?"

Indeed, a most loyal sentiment, but alas, whilst fighting said simian insurrectionist for the second time, after His Majesty has been granted rejuvenation by the magical powers of a divine dragon's septuple orbs,the piteous Piano perishes.

His moribund exclamation is a wah! (わ…!!!, wa...!!!), perfectly encapsulating the finite lifespan of a villain in a Dragon Ball story-arc.

Rest thou in peace, oh reptilian prince. May winged imps guide thee to an eternal place in the grand celestial choir of fictional Yes-men, amongst the august company of characters such as Mas Amedda, grand vizier of Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars fame, Grima Worm-tongue, fragile royal adviser of King Theoden of Rohan and Saruman the Istari, and numerous other erroneously-perceived-as-oleaginous helpers of figures of power.