Here are some short poems from my upcoming poem collection that I am working on, said poems were written between 2020 and 2021, and is still being written on.

These in particular was after listening to some Billy Joel as well as reading Ginsberg, though not having the solemn gravitas of both, but rather more an emphasis on wit. I suppose there is also an element of the lyrics of the songs from the Roaring Twenties.

Coffee – The Stuff

Cool off with a cool cuppa
Even in the heat – blazes from the street
Stress warming those warm of heart
So much so it smarts
“Give me some of the good stuff” quips they
“Sure thing, friend” comes it from the bloke
“Ah, sure’s cool to wade the heat off. You’re a warm soul, y’know” they reply.
“Ah… Keeping my head cool during these hot days is just my job” says He.
Then the coffee’s gone cold.
Thus repeats the repeat of the old.

It’s gotta have that Swing

Don’t give me all that jizz about not liking jazz
I wanna have that music with the grand pizzazz
Groving and moving to all those old time tunes
Beneath all the passing suns and the moons
Till every star bursts out dancing in the black
Yeah, w’regular, real, regal, right moves, no slack
Let’s then dance you and I,
Until the day dawns, till the working day bids
You and I goodbye
Oh, but I know a thing or to
About that they call “the Swing”