A quick word of update to quell any worries there might be. I am currently researching for a bigger comparison project, and also taking care of IRL problems that have been occurring.

The most recent research has been on the characteristics of speech of the cast of Street Fighter as well as some of KOEI's Warrior/Musou games - suffice to say there are vast amounts of gaming text to plough through wherever they aren't available in the form of guide-books that have transcribed in-game sources such as the victory quotes, typically displayed at the end of every match where the fighters that you have picked with quip or utter a phrase in regards to the fight that had happened.

Mars, the author and creator of The Mad SNK Project has an on-going project of charting SNK's infamously bad and/or hilarious translations of their games and comparing these English localisations with the original Japanese ones, which reveal a certain predilection from SNK in the form of vintage dubious American slang and references to pop-culture, such as characters will sound completely different from their original counterparts.

I by all means urge you to check his stuff out.

You will in all likelihood be seeing a new article within next week.