Playing through the Japanese version, Super Famicom, of Konami's great arcade game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Through Time, I noticed amongst other things that there were the small speech bubbles that appear whenever the Turtles, for example, fall into a manhole, they will come with a witty one-liner, such as:

"われに ひかりを!" (Ware ni hikari o, "Grant me light!"), which strikes me as oddly archaic with "ware" (われ, or 我・吾 in two kanji variants) itself being of ancient lineage way back to the Old Japanese pronouns, itself meaning the first person pronoun in the singular.

Going through the deep vaults of cyberspace, by which I mean using Google, it doesn't seem to yield any results other than the odd bible quote or references to mythology, does anyone have an idea to where this could reference to?