In Elden Ring there is a race of amphibian like humanoids along with slightly more elfin ones much further off, apparently an older variety of them, whose name in the English translation is albanaurics.

Later on in the game they are revealed to effectively be artificial humanoids created for the sole purpose of being a synthetic work force.

The key to this identity lies within the Japanese as well as English name.

In Japanese they are called shiroganebito (しろがね人, "silver person"), now the noun shirogane is usually spelled with the kanji 銀, lit. silver, and can also mean "silver coloured." Thus "argent person," as well as literally "person of silver." Alternative ways of spelling the word are
白銀 (lit. "white silver") and 白金 (lit. "white gold/metal"). Thus all points towards a people of luminously metallic hue, be it literally or in the case of the more ancient ones, their hair.

The english name is composed of two elements, alba and auric, that is from Latin albus, "white", and aurum ("gold"), thus literally "white gold", and equating to the variant Japanese kanji-spelling 白金, which literally means "white gold," but properly signifies "silver."

There is also a rare English adjective auric that means anything appertaining to or resembling the chemical element aurum, i.e. gold.

Thereby the translators of this game essentially created a brand new Latin derived compound noun to translate the Japanese word, thus creating the name for these elusive people.

It is worth remembering that the kanji 人, read as hito on its own and as -bito, -jin and -nin, when it compound nouns typically is used in demonyms (英国人, eikokujin - Englishman, lit. "England Person") or word describing a profession (職人, shokunin, "craftsman", lit. "employment person").