The latest post in the series analysing The Emperor's New Clothes, has been updated to now contain all of the pertinent information that has been covered in the previous ones, namely dialogue choices, translation of nuances of character and terms.

I shall proceed with the next part covering 2 or more in the next decade of the translation history of the story, but this had been put on hold, since I also have to arrange the notes and draughts that I have written from my research in to a cohesive form.

The analysis of The Nightingale will probably be added in a briefer series of posts being posted sometime next month.

Otherwise, I will be covering various and miscellaneous gaming related posts, particular in regards to Capcom's side-scrolling beat-em up games which feature King Arthur, namely Knights of the Round. Other games will also be covered and I hope to also be including some material on linguistics, as well.

Stress has been haunting me as of late, so I will be taking it at a slower pace over these next months. Updates will therefore not be as frequent, unfortunately.