A long time has passed since the last time I posted anything on this blog, but IRL has been rather difficult as of late. Nevertheless, I have been working on various projects, an e-book version of the translation-comparison articles of the Emperors New Clothes that I covered some time ago, with added content - finally also covering the very first translation from the 1880s, where the mixture of katakana and Classical Japanese had me mystified.

Moreover, the rapidity in posting articles may seem irregular - but I will try to post at least a new one every week or so, but the form they will take can also now include poems and stories that I have written over the years - ranging from science fiction, fantasy to comedies.

This is also in a way of adding some variety to this blog.

I have also been working on the Danish companion blog site, and have already posted two articles over there - albeit only in the weird local language of the shoebox kingdom. If you are curious about them, by all means visit the site. And, no, I am not from Liliputia.

The comparison of how various character archtypes in Japanese fiction such as samurai, ninja, and so on, is still under way. Compiling the information and research has taken far more time that I had anticipated.

I am also working on articles about individual Japanese pronouns and how they are used in fiction as well as their actual lexical history, which includes etymology.

As always stay safe in this scorching summer heat.