Once more it is time for a semi-weekly update of sorts (though by the current standard of things it seems to hover between various definitions of exactly and hebdomadally that seven days ought to constitute a week and not 8 or 10.).

Work is being done on various projects - research-wise that is.

The current massive translation comparison projects, one of which namely is the Emperor's New Clothes, will be worked on shortly, but I need a break from any massive writing as of now. Respite from constant stressful writing sessions usually also helps with having the mental stamina to handle other projects, too.

As mentioned, I will also be taking care of smaller blog posts - not just appertaining to linguistics, but as of now that is the main focus on this blog and the bulk of my interests.

Indeed, schedules may shift to something more propitious, but as of now taking it at a slower if easier pace helps me allocate the time spent on various projects more evenly.