Many a moment in an anime, tv-series or game you will in Japanese media hear the phrase この程度か (kono teido ka), which at its most literal is "is it to this extent?", but is deeply dependent on the scene and it most often occurs during fights where the protagonist or antagonist are disappointed in the mediocrity of their opposite that they will say this phrase, taking on the meaning "I had thought better of you" or "you disappoint me", which the implication being "is this truly the full extent of your abilities?".

Contrastively it can  also be the protagonist themself using it to express over their own inaptitude. Like phrases such as 仕方がない (shikata ga nai), it depends on how and when, and certainly whom is the utterer of it.

Breaking it down to its constituents we get:

この (kono) - This here, of me, of you, of them

You can say このもの (kono-mono, "this thing") and refer to the possession of some else, with the second person pronoun being inferred through context, since it's key in Japanese polite discourse to be as indirect as possible, linguistically speaking. This is related to その (yon, that over there) and あの (those, that there).

程度 (teido)

According to WWWJDIC, it means:

degree; amount; grade; standard; of the order of (following a number); about; approximately

With "degree, amount, grade" being the decisive terms. Essentially "to this point", or, "to this degree". The "do" part, 程, is also read as "hodo" on its on and is used in terms such as これ程 (korehodo, "so/this much") as well as 成程 (naruhodo, "I see; Indeed; That's right"), also reminiscent of the same of a certain fictional lawyer.

か (ka) is merely a question suffix equivalent to our "?".

In usage:

Densetsu no ansatsuken mo, kono teido ka!
The legendary Assasin's Fist only amounts to this?

Said by waterfowl-named Geese Howard in the game SNK vs Capcom: Chaos, where he is not all too impressed by the efforts of characters such as Ryu, a practicioner of said deadly martial art.