WARNING – Spoilers regarding the Dragon’s Dogma games.

The term “Arisen” is used within Dragon’s Dogma and its related games to refer to an individual who has entered a pact with a dragon by having their heart taken by force or willingly to then have the power to command over powerful superhuman beings known as “pawns”. “Arisen” as such then refers to the individual’s resurrected nature.

In the original Japanese version this term is 覚者 (kakusha, lit. “awakened person”) and refers specifically to:

1) (Buddhism) One who has instructs enlightenment to people in regards to the cosmos, the truth of one’s life. One who has attained complete harmony with himself.

2) One learnéd in all things.

Source: Kotobank (https://kotobank.jp/word/%E8%A6%9A%E8%80%85-460305)

Hence, the role of the Arisen isn’t mere a commander of heroes, but also one is who gradually becomes learned in the ways of the universe and hence a candidate to become its new god.